Toutley East Masterplan – proposed housing

The ERA continues to represent residents behind the scenes, dealing with WBC officers and councillors on a range of subjects that affect Emmbrook. As well as posts and updates on our website, we will also regularly post updates on our Facebook page.

With this post we want to make you aware of a plan by WBC to build another 130 dwellings in our area, and possibly more than that! There is an opportunity to comment on the proposals and we have persuaded WBC to extend the consultation period to March 12th, not March 5th as it says on the documentation.

Here is a link to a WBC summary of the proposals

The full proposal document can be found here and the ERA response can be seen here.

Summary of the proposals:

  • WBC owns land between the new school being built off Queens Road and the A329(M)
  • It wants to develop that land – with 130 “dwellings” and possibly a Care Home
  • If it doesn’t proceed with the Care Home it will possibly build more than 130 “dwellings”
  • It will either do all of that itself, or in partnership with a developer, or will sell the land complete with planning permission to a developer – so it is clear that WBC has a financial incentive in seeing this proposal proceed
  • ERA has major reservations about the suitability of the site for any residential development – details in our submission
  • All ward councillors have expressed concern about this proposal
  • WBC wants to proceed very quickly with this – consultation now, decision on whether and how to proceed possibly by the end of March, detailed planning throughout 2021 and build in 2022.

Whatever your individual view, please send your comments to [email protected] by March 12th.

Remember – WBC want this to happen, and if they don’t hear from you they will assume you are in favour of it.

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