Ever since it was reformed in September 2004 the ERA has taken a keen interest in planning issues that affect the residents of our area.  In the early days this consisted mainly of taking part in the planning process, including planning appeals, for the various back garden developments that were common at the time.  Here, we feel that we had some success in curbing the worst excesses of the developers, helped to reduce the impact of these developments on Emmbrook and improved the amenity they provided to their residents.  We had also taken a wider view in that we took an active interest in the Council’s Local Development Framework and the Town Centre Regeneration. We took part in the Council run consultations and workshops and in the public examination of the Core Strategy by the Planning Inspectorate.

Anyone can take part in the planning process by commenting on planning applications.  More details of this can be found on the Council’s website Comment on a planning application page.  From here there are links to a planning application search, where you can comment on an application via the Council’s online form, as well as other aspects of planning. All the documents relating to an application can normally be viewed on the website by using the planning search facility, but paper copies of them can also be viewed by e-mailing a request to [email protected] to make an appointment to see them. If you wish to comment on an application please remember that there is normally a deadline for comments which is shown in the application details, and that your response will be shown on the website.


Update January 2023

Currently there are two major projects for our area in the planning system: