East of Toutley Depot

Update 18th September 2023
At the time of writing the planning application for phase 1 of this development has not been decided.

This application is to build 130 dwellings and a 68 bed care home on Council owned land between the Toutley Depot and the A321 Twyford Road. The contentious issues here are the noise from the adjacent A329(M) and Twyford Road, its susceptibility to flooding and the position of its access onto the Twyford Road. An outline application (ref 211777) was submitted by the Council’s Regeneration Team in May 2021, and in despite of strong opposition, was approved in December 2022. This was followed by the first of three reserved matters applications which are to cover the following aspects:

Phase 1: The Main Infrastructure – the primary access road into and out of the site, the acoustic bund/barrier, flooding attenuation, a pumping station and substation provision;

Phase 2: The Care Home – a 68 bed facility, to be constructed by and for the Council; and

Phase 3: The Residential phase – up to 130 new dwellings, including at least 35% affordable housing and the residual infrastructure requirements (e.g. secondary roads, play areas, Ashridge stream crossing etc.)

The submitted application for Phase 1 (ref 223778) closed for public consultation on 2nd February, and the documents and plans can be viewed/downloaded via the Council’s planning website in the usual manner. ERA response to the Phase 1 reserved matters can be seen here.