2023 News Archive

Town Hall War Memorial – Alfred Henry Grover

After submissions from the ERA, the name of Alfred Henry Grover, born in Emmbrook at Toutley Hall Bungalow in 1923, has been added to the Town Hall War Memorial.  His heroism is described in the seventh booklet “So Much More Unfinished History of Emmbrook“, when he was killed in 1944 defending his co-driver during the allied advance at Hoogstraten.   The ERA would welcome hearing from anyone who could add to the story.  Copies of any of the books at £4 each may be obtained from the ERA.

Circle Trust – Emmbrook Nursery, Infant & Juniors

The Circle Trust, and both Emmbrook Infant School and Emmbrook Junior School, have recently announced – following consultation with stakeholders – that both schools have been awarded Academy Orders to convert to an academy and join the Circle Trust.  It is expected that the schools will join the Trust during Summer 2023.  This follows The Emmbrook School joining the Circle Trust in April 2021.

The Circle Trust have further announced a consultation on a proposal that Emmbrook Infant School establishes and thereafter runs its own school nursery.  The consultation process runs until 6 Mar 2023 and further details can be found here.  Residents may be aware that an Emmbrook nursery used to operate from the Emmbrook Village Hall but that ceased operation in 2018.

Greenways Network – Cantley to Woosehill route

Wokingham Town Council Amenities Committee met on 10 Jan 2023 to review the latest proposals for routing the Greenways Network through Joel Park area. This route has been subject to much consultation, and the latest proposal shifted the route back through Joel Park and Holt Copse, albeit closer to Holt Lane (Dec 2022, green route on the figure below), although a number of options have been considered by the Greenways team with details having been presented for this meeting.

Full details of the report to the meeting can be accessed here (https://www.wokingham-tc.gov.uk/…/amenities-agenda-jan…/)

Following a lengthy discussion, WTC unanimously rejected the Dec 2022 route through Joel Park / Holt Copse. This was principally related to the impact on the existing amenity and suitability of that route for the Greenway, although additional concerns were raised about the resultant need for the Greenway to continue down Reading Road to join up with Woosehill Meadows.

It is back to the drawing board for the Greenways Team, most likely to revisit the route down Jubilee Avenue, Clifton Road and Brook Close.

Toutley East development – reserved matters (Phase1)

This phase 1 reserved matters application covers the Infrastructure Works (appearance, landscaping, layout, and scale).  Refer to our earlier news item and our planning page for further details on the Phase 1 Reserved Matters Application.

The consultation period closed on 2 Feb 2023.  ERA’s response can be seen here.

We will continue to monitor how comments are addressed and future stages in this development.

Toutley Depot redevelopment

Planning for the redevelopment was approved in Feb 2020. The redevelopment includes: demolition of all existing structures at Toutley Depot to permit the phased construction of a replacement depot, including works buildings, storage, a new office
accommodation block, ancillary drainage, landscaping, security fencing, surface parking and associated works.

Further details can be seen on our planning page.

The planning decision notice requires to the development to have commenced by 13 Feb 2023, and we understand that WBC are due to commence works shortly.