2022 News Archive

Old Forest Meadows – Deer bench improvements

Many will be familiar with the deer-bench in Old Forest Meadows, which was hewn from a large oak removed as part of the Matthewsgreen housing development.

The work was completed by a local sculptor back in 2018 and more recently water had started collecting on the seat. We are pleased to announce that, following requests by the ERA, WBC have recently completed some work to re-level the bench which should help mitigate against further water damage.

Emmbrook Residents Association AGM (May 2022)

Following the absence of an AGM for the last two years, due to COVID, we will be holding our next AGM on 10 May 2022. The AGM will be held in the Emmbrook Village Hall, Emmbrook Road from 8pm. The official business should last about an hour with an opportunity to mingle afterwards over some wine and nibbles.

This will be our first AGM since very sadly losing our much treasured chair Paul Gallagher. As we have been unable to replace Paul in the role of chair (they were very big shoes to fill), we intend to continue operating the ERA as a collective committee, and will be seeking to update the constitution accordingly.

We will also be providing an update on our activities over the past few years and our plans going forward. We encourage all our members to attend, and for those residents who are not members please do come along to hear more about what we do and hopefully we can encourage you to join up.

WBC Local Plan Update (11 Jan 2022)
WBC launched a new consultation on the revised Draft Local Plan on 22 Nov 2021.
The consultation period ends at 5pm on 24 Jan 2022.

The revised plan (previously consulted on in Mar 2020), which has been caused by the Ministry of Defence’s objection to the proposed “new town” at Grazeley due to its proximity to the AWE at Burghfield, includes sites identified for further development within or adjacent to Emmbrook, notably: 15 properties behind Toutley Hall on Old Forest Road, and 130 dwellings plus a 70 bed care home on land to the east of the Toutley Depot. The later is currently subject to a planning application (ref 211777).

Don’t miss your opportunity to tell WBC what you think, complete the online survey here.