NDR excavation works update (Old Forest Road area)

Balfour Beatty have advised some adjustments to their schedule of ongoing works in and around Old Forest Road in an attempt to further minimise noise disruption.

The adjustments were put in place as of Wed 22 Apr. The key adjustment has been to relocate the current vacuum excavator teams to the far end of Old Forest Road (OFR) which should, for the next few weeks as works progress back up the OFR, provide a period of respite. The works will return to their original location early in May with around 3-4 days of work to be completed at that point.

The following plan shows the indicative areas and durations of the remaining works.

Balfour Beatty have advised that the main reason for them to press ahead with our works during this lockdown period, in line with current guidance on COVID-19 from the UK Government, is to allow this section of work to be completed within the timescales allowed for within our Great Crested Newt licence from Natural England. Failing to do so would put the project at risk of significant delay.

Balfour Beatty acknowledge the inconvenience already caused to local residents, specifically to those on Ashton Road. Whilst they appreciate it may not be ideal, they kindly ask that residents bear with them a bit longer, the ultimate goal of which they promise will benefit you and the wider community. They would like to thank the local community for their perseverance in helping them to work towards an effective solution to this important issue.

Any questions or concerns can be raised by contacting Balfour Beatty on 0800 121 4444 or [email protected].

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  1. I am not sure which phase has started on OFR on 1st September, closing OFR until spring 2021, but was not expecting the entrance/ exit to the park to be closed as well. Why has this got to happen now when no work is taking place just now, and I don’t suppose will for several months judging by the rate the work is progressing. Now, if one wants to walk around the S.A.N.G. on the other side of OFR the walk is along Toutley Road, which, in parts, has very narrow pavements, certainly not wide enough for social distancing, and is also EXTREMELY busy because of OFR being closed. Why can’t the park gate remain open until it is absolutely necessary for the work to begin in that part of the road? My feelings are shared by many of the fellow walker I meet on a daily basis.

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