Are You Moving To Emmbrook?

A note from the Chairman:

If you are considering moving to Emmbrook, congratulations!  Emmbrook is a well established area with its own village feel whilst being within walking distance of a market town with all the usual shopping and recreational facilities – and easy rail links into London and Reading.  Emmbrook has three great schools taking your children through the whole of their school life, local shops for the essentials, three pubs, a sports ground run by volunteers with a wide range of sports for youngsters ….. I could go on.

When I considered moving to Emmbrook in 1986 I was extremely lucky that by pure chance we discovered an old friend of ours lived here, so we were able to ask their opinion on the things that mattered to us at the time.  You might not be so lucky so if you have a question then we can help by either answering it ourselves or directing you to the person who can.  Please get in touch (see contact details) if you need help

Of course, if you do decide to move into Emmbrook, we would be delighted to have you as a member and joining is easy and inexpensive.  Please see the membership page for details.  Emmbrook is going through a challenging time at the moment, with a new housing development adding another 760 dwellings to the area over the period 2016 – 2024, and whilst we will benefit from a new school, a new community hall, new shops and more parkland, we will also have to deal with the construction activity and increased traffic.  As an Association we are VERY active in dealing with the Council and developers to get the best deal for residents.  Join us and you will always be up to date with what is going on with this and many other local community issues!