The quiz closed for entries on Tuesday 17th May.  Six participants were able to correctly identify the locations of all twelve pictures, and so we had to select the winners by drawing them “from the hat”.  This was done at the Annual General Meeting, held at the Village Hall on Thursday 19th May.  The winners were:

First Prize (£50) – Jeff Kidd
Second Prize (£20) – Geoff Marsden
Third Prize (£10) – James Carlin

Congratulations to the three lucky winners, commiserations to the three people who got all the right answers but didn’t win a prize, and thanks to everybody who took part.  The answers are:

01: The bridge over the railway in Old Forest Road.
This railway bridge in Old Forest Road shows the distance from London as 63 miles 23 chains. This was measured when the railway used the Redhill route, the Ascot – Staines route being built later.  There is a Bench Mark on the brickwork near this plate.  Compare this with photograph 5.
02: Toutley Hall East, in Old Forest Road.
Toutley Hall was split into two separate dwellings after Major Herd had sold the property in 1959.
03: The cricket pavilion at the Emmbrook Sports and Social Club in Lowther Road.
Emmbrook Cricket Club played here for many years – see photographs in the “Unfinished History” books.
04: Rose Cottages at 112 and 114 Matthewsgreen Road.
A few of the semi-detached houses in Matthews Green Road have “plates” cemented into them, thus 112 & 114 has the title “Rose Cottages 1905.”  For 92 & 94 there is no date of construction for “The Bays.”
05: The bridge under the railway in Emmbrook Road.
Being nearer to the London terminus of the railway company by 30 chains, a lesser distance is indicated.  This is the equivalent of 3 furlongs by the iron horse driven by steam – or 300 links for the older persons amongst us.  There is a street in Sandwich, Kent named Chain Street. Yes, it is 22 yards long!
06: The Old Dairy is at 54 Emmbrook Road.
07: The entrance to number 16 Emmbrook Road.

As the house has no number in evidence, we accepted entries that simply stated “the house by the railway bridge”.  The numbering of the properties on this side of Emmbrook Road are curious, running from 2 to 8, then 10, then 16, and then to 30 (on the corner of Lowther Road).
08: Eastern Villas occupy numbers 62 and 64 Emmbrook Road.
Number 64 is the premises of Hamilton Hairdressers, but is was formerly the General Stores until about 1972.
09: Rose Villas extend over numbers 34, 36, 38 and 40 Emmbrook Road.
Notice that there is no number 32 Emmbrook Road. A similar hiatus in numbering occurs on the opposite side of the road.
10: The bridge over the Emm Brook, in Reading Road, close to the entrance to the pedestrian underpass.
This is adjacent to the Paper Mill that one stood near here.
11: At the very end of Old Forest Road, where it runs parallel with the A329(M).
Dunt Lane would have had a junction near here but it was cut off by the construction of the M4.
12: The view from the bridge on Old Forest Road, where a minor stream merges with the Emm Brook.
This is at least the third bridge built here.  The original construction was for the turnpike road coming in from Binfield and proceeding past Toutley Hall, used as a selling point in the Hall’s auction at the end of the 19th century – “a coach to London passes the door.”


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