ERA Working For You

Welcome to this new page on our website, where we are planning to record events where intervention by ERA has helped to achieve beneficial results for the community.  We will also, wherever appropriate, give credit to the individuals in the local authority, the utilities, and other areas where they have taken action as required.

Our latest achievement:

Relocation of Linden phase 2b entrance

The ERA reviewed the proposed entrance as part of the CEMP for Linden to carry out their works on phase 2b and pointed out a number of problems and the need to destroy new kerb works.  We also highlighted the problems we had had with Bovis with access onto Toutley Road and early arrivals.  With consultation with Linden and WBC officers a revision was put forward and approved moving the entrance and site hut and compound solution away from the houses on Toutley Road.  This solution is also a good one for phase 3 by Linden as and when it is approved and should keep disruption to local residents to a minimum.

Earlier achievements:
  • You will remember the change in WBC’s grass cutting practice last year where many areas of Emmbrook Walk were left long.  This was unpopular with residents as it made those areas unsuitable for play areas and dog walking.We didn’t want that to happen again, so after consultation with Peter Baveystock of WBC and us putting forward our views we are pleased to confirm that the grass will be kept mown in all areas, as it is at the moment.  There will be no fixed schedule of grass cutting.  Cutting will be done on an as needed basis with the grass length not exceeding approximately 5 inches. Our thanks go to Peter for agreeing this solution in a difficult time for budgets.
  • Replacement of the fence and reinstatement to working order of the gate at the Old Forest Road end of Emmbrook Walk, as it was before pathway works started.  In spite of our best efforts and promises from Bovis we needed the assistance of Nuno Fernandes of Wokingham Borough Council, so thanks go to Nuno.
  • Sorted out the the slow leak at the junction of Toutley Road and Matthewsgreen Road over the Christmas period.  Thanks to Eddie Napper of WBC for his assistance on this matter.
  • Tidying up the broken fence at the same junction.  Thanks to Peter Baveystock of WBC for his assistance on this matter.
  • Tidying up around the lamp post, again at the same location.  Thanks to Harry Burnham and Nuno Fernandes for resolving this matter.
  • Removal of dangerous fence and levelling of site on sharp bend on Toutley Road.  Thanks to Bill Richards for perseverance on this matter with support of the ERA by supplying previous emails on the subject.
  • Filling of the hole and the removal of the blue barriers where the oak tree stood opposite the Emmbrook Senior school.  Thanks to Peter Baveystock of WBC for resolving this matter.
  • Requesting a follow up leaf clearance under the railway bridge to avoid further flooding. Thanks to Eddie Napper for prompt action to avoid further disruption.
  • Stopped the contractors from removing the wire fence at the entrance to the affordable housing area on Toutley Road and using it to enter site.  Also managed to get this untidy area cleared up and screened.  Thanks to Connor Corrigan and Nuno Fernandes of WBC for help in this matter.